How to Install a New WordPress Theme (Free and Custom) Guide

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Here’s the complete and easy to follow video tutorial on how to install a new WordPress theme. It includes steps on how you can install both free and custom themes.

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How to Install a New WordPress Theme (Video Transcription):

Hi, guys, this is Roel and today I’ll teach you how to install a new WordPress Theme.

Getting Started

First, hover your mouse to Appearance and click Themes. This is the place where you can see all the installed themes you have.


Next, click Add New.

Installing a Free WordPress Theme

You have the option to find and install free themes from WordPress. To install a free theme, just hover your mouse to the theme you like and click Install, then click Activate.

Installing a Custom/Premium WordPress Theme

However, for this website, we’ll be installing a Custom Theme. You can purchase premium or custom theme from ThemeForest or Elegant Themes. I’ll put the link on the description below.

To install our custom theme, we’ll click Upload theme. Then, click Choose File and click Install Now.

Finally, you can click Activate or do a live preview.

Congratulations, you just have learned how to Install a new WordPress theme.

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