4 Tips on How to Increase Your Blog Audience #iBlog11


I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the iBlog: The 11th Philippine Blogging Summit held at U.P. Diliman, Quezon City Philippines wherein I shared four tips or steps on how to increase your blog audience.

Below is the “original” presentation that was cut to 12 slides during the presentation.

Behind the reason of the tips shared is the fact that most bloggers fail due to spending time doing wrong things. Nonetheless, here’s a summary of the steps:

1. Speed and Preparation

Preparation is critical to anything, whether it’s for blogging, life, or business. Preparation combined with a strategic speed of execution could help anyone win the competition.

I recommend creating an action plan that doesn’t need to be perfect since a “Perfect Plan” doesn’t exist. (Slide #9)

2. Build Alliance and Core Audience

I’ve discussed the importance of an alliance, influencers, and building core audience even before pre-launch. These are critical ingredients to help you grow faster.

I’ve also mentioned that one of the best ways to promote a blog is to connect and build relationships with existing people, influencers, or an organization that already has a large fanbase.

3. Create Pillar Contents

Pillar contents are contents that will make your readers glued and will keep asking for more. These are articles that are written with the highest-quality possible and serve your readers well.

4. Promote More

Here, I’ve recommended following 80-20 content marketing rule. This means that you need to spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it to gain more readerships.

It was accidental that I’ve mentioned the Pareto Principle during this final tip (maybe because whenever I think of 80-20, I always think of Pareto – huge thanks to Sonnie for raising this concern and discussing it with me). Nonetheless, Pareto Principle and 80-20 content marketing rule are different.

But it can still be applied, only during or after the promotion stage.

You can apply Pareto Principle by finding 20% of the promotional channels that gave you 80% of the results you want. To be clearer:

  • Content Marketing Effort and Time Allocation: 80-20 Content Marketing Rule
    • 80% Content Distribution, 20% Content Creation
  • Promotional Channels and ROI: Pareto Principle
    • Find 20% of Promotional Channel that Drives 80% Results, and focus on those channels.

Final thoughts

I had a great time with the iBlog11 event that truly inspires bloggers in the Philippines. Of course, thanks to Miss Janette Toral and its team for organizing such amazing event. Thanks for OnlinePhilippines for the photo I’ve used on my featured image.

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