Driving Sales, Traffic & Conversions: Inbound x Facebook – MORCon 2013


It was a pleasure to be included as one of the guest speakers at an Internet marketing conference where I was addicted to joining every year in the Philippines.

Yesterday, I talked about driving solid sales, traffic, and conversions through inbound and Facebook plus I shared a case study about a successful crowdfunding campaign that we have done for our clients.

Since the first day, the conference threw full packs of information, and I thought my brain was like doing a hardcore training in a gym. Honestly, it was the scariest hour of my life that I’ve experienced since it was my first time to talk at a conference.


The People in the Industry

I’ve met some of the coolest guys in the Internet marketing industry, whom I was thankful for and learned a lot from, which include the following:

  1. Glen Dimaandal
  2. Victorino Abrugar, founder of BusinessTips.Ph and BusinessForum.Ph
  3. Jayson Bagio, founder of SEOteky.com
  4. Sean Si, founder, and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker
  5. Kim Tyrone Agapito
  6. Eduardo Joven of Pinoyrecipe.net
  7. Sheila Dela Peña
  8. Scott Yu, co-founder of Qwikwire
  9. Paul Agabin of Wooka Interactive (I remember those chocolates!)

… and a lot more. Socialization and exchanges of ideas about the Internet marketing industry are the best!

Also, credits to Mike Catuira for the photo I’ve attached to the featured image on this post.

The Deck

Here’s my deck from the event, which I prepared for everyone.

What Matters

You. What matters is you, solely. Since the first minute that I stood in front of the audience, what I aimed was to tell few basic but effective Facebook marketing strategies that I used for a business case story.

Although I thought I suck on public speaking (since it was my first time), I was thankful for those wonderful people who have sent some great feedbacks regarding my presentation on Twitter.

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