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about-roel-sidebarHowdy! I’m Roel, an award-winning blogger, digital marketing consultant, WordPress developer, and a nomadic minimalist. I have been blogging since 2006 and have been experimenting monetizing blogs since 2008.

But success didn’t happen overnight.

In fact, I received my first blogging award (with a trophy) after 9 long years since I started.

Things that I love and do isn’t limited to blogging, however.

Since 2011, I’ve transformed hundreds of lives, turned an average e-commerce shop owner into a millionaire, and helped millions of people learn unique offerings of world’s most incredible products and services.

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I’ve served more than 250+ businesses around the world by offering digital marketing and design services. Aside from maintaining my own websites today, I still offer marketing consultations for businesses. Here are some of the brands I’ve worked with.


Life Story

Entrepreneurship has been within me since I was a kid. I sell and repair toys for my friends, and I used to buy and sell things that can help me double my money.

Growing up. I started working since I was 12—I was coding websites and offering graphic design services to whoever needs it. It was fun especially when people pay me money for a free slice of pizza and a bottle of Coke.

Fast forward. When my mom died, I held the responsibility to send my siblings to school.

The money I was earning wasn’t enough to sustain my siblings’ tuition fee. So, I decided to move to another job as a customer service representative.

A few months later, I realized that I was unhappy, and there was no opportunity for me to grow. Thus, I tried to find another work.

After few weeks, I managed to get a new job. This time, I worked on a small business as a sales and marketing consultant. It was one of the most amazing work experiences in my life.

Finding and learning the things that you love are few of the best things that ever happened to me. I became obsessed with sales and marketing, and thereby the company promoted me as their marketing manager.


Today, I am an entrepreneur who shares and does the things that I love.

The experience, pain, and desire to succeed infected me with an incurable need to produce results. And I would like to share this enthusiasm with every person who matters — starting with you.


Aside from this blog, here are some of the other websites that I own and maintain, including their traffic stats.


Tycoon.ph empowers people with information on startup, marketing, lifehack, and entrepreneurship to help them succeed in their business, life, and career.

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